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Abnova Antibodies.

ABgene PCR Reagents and Plastics.

ABgene Solaris qPCR Probes.

Corning Tissue Culture Plasticware.

Fisher BioReagent.

Finnzymes PCR, qPCR kits & Reagents

Nunc Tissue Culture Plasticware.

Nalgene Labware and Packaging.
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Welcome to Gene technologies !  
We provide our scientific community with leading international brands trying to support them with complete product ranges into proteomics, genomics, stem cell research and custom services.

We are proud to share that all our principal manufacturers are well established, certified and most Renowned being expertise in their field of specialties.
100s of Bioassay kits to support   750 Cytokines and Growth Factors   160 and more Restriction enzymes   High quality PCR enzymes and Master Mixes in lower cost   HAP - High Affinity Purified Primer Synthesis @ Rs.18/Base
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